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  • Portable Water Filtration Bottle - Purify Your Water On The Go!
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  • Eco- Friendly Water Generator Machine
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  • New Arrival LED Red Light Black Cap for Hair Re-growth
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  • New Arrival... LED Red and Near-Infrared Belt 660nm & 850nm
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  • RD60 LED MINI RED Light Device - 660nm, 850nm
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  • RD30 LED Light Device
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  • RD30 LED BLUE Light Device - 470nm For Acne
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  • LED Red 630nm blue 460nm light acne led light therapy device
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More Power Means More Freedom


Because You Deserve The Best!

Our philosophy is to build products based on the latest research and to use only the best materials and workmanship.

The result -Samchi is #1 with a Bullet!


Red Light Therapy - The Miracle of Light


With the rising Food Insecurity, Now is the time to Prepare and stock-up on Long-Term Food Storage for your family and Pets.

North American Specialist in meat, poultry, fish and seafood

For over 40 years we’ve been serving our clients by freeze drying food ingredients and other specialty products.

Our customers include many of the world’s leading food companies and other specialty processors.

With our fully equipped laboratory we are able to help customers develop the products they need. We can also show you how freeze dried ingredients can have a very positive impact on your product’s quality.

We are your partner in product development

We collaborate with your food scientists to create custom processes, develop new products and improve existing products.

Food companies producing health-conscious formulations for soup mixes, shelf-stable entrees and side dishes, pizza toppings, snacks and salad toppings are turning to Freeze-Dry Foods for the right freeze dried ingredients. Let us custom design ingredients and formulations to meet your development needs.

We are approved

We are regulated and comply with all requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Canadian Food Inspection Service (CFIA), and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We operate under HACCP accreditation systems. We are an approved supplier to many of the world’s leading food companies.


Freeze-Dry Foods has offices in both the United States and Canada, conveniently located in New York and Ontario. Our locations and experience in managing cross-border food shipments simplify your shipping logistics.

Our specialties:

Poultry:Chicken, Turkey, Flavored chicken, Formed chicken

Meats:Beef, Meatballs, Ham, Sausage crumbles, Pork, Pizza toppings, Flavored beef and pork

Fish & Seafood:Cod, Salmon, Clams, Shrimp, Crab, Surimi, Krill

Vegetables & Fruit

Pet Treats & Food

Other:Cheese, Eggs

Most items can be diced, ground or powdered to your exact specifications.

What sets Sam Chi LED Light Therapy products apart?

We have customized our frequencies for maximum benefits. These are not "off-the-shelf' generic tools.

We offer a variety of Light Therapy products from Facial Masks to portable Light Panels, specialty Light Therapy Bulbs , and our flagship home and commercial spa unit....your Light Therapy options depend on your health and wellness goals.

Introducing our Newest Product Pictured above is our RD30 RED and RD30 Blue Bulbs in different wavelengths to assist in your Healing Treatments.

We believe in adhering to strict quality and performance guidelines, which is why our products are tested for quality. We have customized products for Testosternone Boosting, Pain Management, Neurodegenerative Disorders.


*RD60 Mini, Rechargeable MINI Portable Device. This has a timer and Tabletop stand, 1 pair of Light blocking Goggles. 660nm, 850nm wavelengths. Size: 12x5

*RD30 LED/Near-Infrared Bulb style with Clip Style. 620nm, 570nm, 760nm, 830nm.

*RD30 Red Light Bulb Clip Style for Testosterone boosting wavelength 630nm-660nm For Chronic Pain, Reduce Inflammation..

* RD30 LED Blue Light Bulb Clip Style Anti-Viral, Acne, Pain Therapy

*RDX2 -180W Mobile Metal Lamp Stand Style

Qualification Certificates:

FDA Registered, FCC, CE, ROHS, Patent,

3 Year Warranty.


*RedRush 300PRO -Available in Canada only. Sam Chi has 4 colour customized wavelengths 440nm, 460nm, 660nm, 850nm This compact portable Lightweight Sweet Powerhouse Light Panel with 4 color customized wavelength options including Blue, Purple, Red and Near-infrared that are selectable by two independent switches.

This is designed for Neurodegenerative Disorders, Deep Pain Healing. Comes with 1pair of Light blocking glasses, Tabletop, Wall hanging hooks.

Qualification Certificates: CERTIFICATE


2 Year Warranty.

This sweet little powerhouse can be used in-home or on-the-road.  

It's perfect for targeted and full-body use.

Portable PET Pen Light / Torch styles in 1-3 frequencies.

Listen to Dr. Ruscio and Ari Whitten.. A No BS Approach on How to get Results..

Dr. Ruscio and Ari Whitten- How To Get Results...

Sam Chi Health - A Canadian Success Story

Introducing a newest Product Pictured above...

RD60 MINI Rechargeable Portable Device. Size: 12x.5 with timer, Tabletop Stand, LED Light Blocking Goggles. Two Year Warranty.

Did you know that the world leader in red light therapy panels, Sam Chi Health is also a Canadian company?

We have created this website dedicated to Canadian buyers, where you can buy Sam Chi Health products in Canadian dollars, and save money and time!.

Kamloops Connector - The Miracle of Red Light Therapy...

Sam Chi Health Outshines the Competition

This is what we get excited about, folks. We’ve worked so hard to be able to provide you with personal red light therapy devices that are not only compact and affordable, but powerful, too.

And now, hold onto your hats, ‘cause we’ve got receipts. 

Learn More about Cancer - NASA - Science behind it...

Read More on the Science Behind it..

LED /PDT 3 7 Colour 350 Watt Professional Dual Arm Light Therapy Machine

Newest DELUXE 7 Colour PDT LED Dual Arm Panel Machine on wheels.

This Machine is suitable Physiotherapy Clinics, Medi Spas Aesthetics, Home Use.

Near-Infrared and Red Wavelengths for Pain Management Therapy for Targeted and Full body Use.

Aesthetics Applications are Targeted for Optimizing Beauty Treatments.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (abbreviated as PDT) is driven visible,
near-infrared and ultraviolet light, which are able to pass through
tissue up to 1.5 inches deep.

PDT has been used for years to treat dermatological disease and
has been recently evolved to increase a range of aesthetical treatment

2520 Bulb wattage with customized 4 colours include blue,  yellow light, red and Near-Infrared Light combinations can be used with
both panels to bring up the customized screen with built-in protocols with frequency and percentage can be customized including timer. LED
Colours red light A Panel and B Panel for near-infrared


This professional machine for Physiotherapy Clinics, Spas, Home use

Clients can be laying on a massage table for full body back
treatments to access a large area or for individual targeted treatments
or seated in a chair for targeted treatments.

Safe to use everyday for 10 minutes for 6 areas or 10 minutes. 

 NOTE: LED Light Blocking glasses are available for purchase that is required for safety when used with this machine. 

 Allow (4-5 Weeks)  Delivery

*Shipping is included in the price*.

Model: PDT3


CE ISO13485


Acne Treatment, Scaring, Freckles, increases Collagen,  Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.


PDT light:

Red | Yellow | Blue| Purple Red| Near-infrared Mixed

Light source:

LED Gene Biology Light


LED Light 7 Wavelength Frequencies.

1. Red Light:


2. Blue Light: 465-475nm 

3. Purple Light : Heal Acne Scars

4. Yellow Light:

5. Green Light:


6. Cyan Light:

Boosts Metabolism

7. Near-Infrared light:




Light source: High energy Bio-SMD LED

Head - 2 heads

350Watt for both panels  - 175 Watts per panel

LED Bulb wattage - 2520 (Red Light: arm A with 1260 pcs.

Near-Infrared Light: arm B with 1260 pcs)

LED Spectrum

Radiation Energy - Max to 120mw/cm2 per head

Radiation size: 1000 cm2 per head

Radiation Energy - Adjustable

Flashing Mode - 1-100Hz adjustable

Control panel - Full size colorful touch screen with timer and customized wavelengths

Weight - 42Kg

Dimension - 175x40x55 cm (foldable arms)

Working Environment - 10-28C 30-80% RH, 500-1060 hPa  

Power Specification - AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, Fuse in 16A  

Built-in 10 Preset Program Protocols

Packaging & Delivery

Warranty: One Year

Cooling Fan

Single item

Single package size:

121X42X45 cm

Single gross weight:

41.000 kg

Package Type:

Standard carton size :121*42*45cm

Gross weight :45kg

Net weight :42kg

21 cm42 cm45 cm


LED 350 Watt Professional Dual LightTherapy Machine

Blog posts


LED Red | Near Infrared (NIR) Therapy Clients Kamloops, BC

The end of March I had a bike accident and fractured a bone in my left arm. I have experienced LED therapy with Sam previously, so was quick to turn to her in healing my arm. By the time of my follow up appointment with my doctor 4 weeks later, I already had close to a full range of motion and was functioning well without an arm sling.

 I certainly attribute LED therapy to the speed at which I regained healing and mobility in my arm.

 April  2021

Mary J.

 I tried red-light therapy with Sam for the first time and it was a very good experience. Sam is professional and her space is always clean and comfortable. As a young adult with chronic illness, this service was very helpful. It helped with pain reduction as well as energy levels. I would definitely recommend red-light therapy with Sam.

 September 22, 2020

​Fauve G.

 ​​I returned from a holiday with an injured back and quite exhausted from pushing myself the last few days and enduring a long flight home. After a week of ice and heat and sleep I was still in quite a bit of discomfort and had no energy or motivation.  Following 5 sessions or red light therapy with  Sam, I noticed a significant improvement in both my pain level and my energy.  I am very grateful for having access to this gentle and non invasive therapy.

 February, 2020

Mary J.

​It's my 5th session....It's very calming, relaxing and grounding! Highly recommended.

 January 7th, 2020

Val M

Happy CranioSacral Therapy Clients... Fort McMurray, Alberta and Ontario

​"I had an eye twitch for many months continuing to get worse, I decided to have a CranioSacral treatment as nothing else worked for me and in one session it disappeared after twelve hours!  Thank you Sam".  

Alexandra D

​"I've had so much shoulder pain lately. I came in to see Samantha for a CranioSacral Treatment and felt a 'weight' lifted off my shoulders after 1 treatment".   

 Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa.  

​"September 2017, After having Sciatica attacks and unable to walk very far and low back hip pain, and memory loss issues after 8 treatments, My sacrum felt like it ' opened up' and was able to walk without pain and limping". 

 Geoff T.

Happy Massage Therapy Clients... Fort McMurray, Alberta

 ​"Sam addressed my problem areas and I left feeling so relaxed and out of pain. I’d recommend Samantha to anyone who has a specific area that’s hurting. Loved my massage".  

 Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa

​"I always enjoy going to see Samantha Weyers for a deep tissue massage. I feel like a brand new person every time. Thank you Samantha. 10/10 would recommend".      Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa

​'You know it’s a good massage when you fall asleep!"    

 Claire B

​"Amazing. Love Samantha , I feel so relaxed and at ease during and after my massage".   Gloria F.

 "This visit was probably my best massage from Samantha I’ve had there. I’ve been going there for a few years and this by far was the most relief I’ve felt".  Destiny

 "Always a great experience!"


Happy Copper Face Mask Reviews

​Unisex Adult and Child Copper-Infused built-in filter, KN95/ N95 reusable 50x, washable, 4-layers protection

 Diane on 03 Jul, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

 My kids wear these masks and have said how comfortable they are. Excellent communication with vendor!

Professional High Quality KN95 4-Layer Copper-Infused N95 Carbon Filter, Adjustable Ear Loops, Washable Face Mask for everyday use.

Lise on 11 Dec, 2020

5 out of 5 stars