LED Red Light Increased Testosterone Levels and Fertility in Men


Increased Testosterone Levels And Fertility in Men

Research studies have supported the notion that exposure of the testes to 670 nm wavelength light can help increase testosterone levels.
It is very important to use a device that produces the correct wavelengths without producing a lot of heat.

Testosterone is a hormone present in all humans, but it is produced in women in lesser quantities.
The production of testosterone starts to increase considerably during puberty and starts dipping after age 30 or so.

It is perfectly normal, but it can lead to reduced sexual function, an increase in fat, a decline in muscle, and reduced energy levels.
Red light therapy is a great way to boost testosterone levels in men naturally. A balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress can help too.
One study showed that male fertility could be improved with 830 nm near-infrared light therapy.