Product Specifications:

KN95 high quality 4 layer Face Mask is made with a 100% cotton blend breathable fabric, available in Black and Grey and are treated with the Next Generation Copper technology by Sam Chi Health which is applied to entire fabric, both layers and inside and outside. This new technology firmly adheres the Copper ions using a grafting system that allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their job. 

  • Antibacterial Testing on March 30, 2020  / including CoV2 and Coronavirus data recorded after 50 washes! 
  • KN95 - Antibacterial. 4 - Layer Copper-Ion Infused Re-Usable Mask -4 Layers - Copper infused fabric that are individually wrapped.

    1st Layer is 100% Copper-Infused fabric

    2nd layer is 100% Polypropylene filter ( Polypropylene, the material now recommended for COVID-19 mask filters, which is built-in to our Copper Face Masks for added protection)

    3rd  Layer is 100% Polyester

    4th Layer is 100% Cotton

    (Antibacterial / Anti-viral)   100% Cotton, Moisture wicking, Adjustable ear loops and form fitting to face, breathable and comfortable to wear all day. (Washable (up to 50x) /  Re-usable.  Copper, as it turns out, has Antimicrobial properties making it self-sanitizing inside and out.

    QBM Quality Test report completed on March 20, 2020 for ( Coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2).

    Custom Branding available (inquire about MOQ or request a quote for large orders for special pricing, please contact me)

    COMPANIES: PLEASE Inquire about Wholesale Bulk Orders - 500 Minimum MOQ) - Company Logo can be added at a nominal charge.

     Care Instructions:

    It is recommended to wash your mask after every use.

    * Masks can be washed in warm/hot water

    * Air dry or put in the sun

    *Do not put mask in the washer or dryer

    Warranty: 5 years

    Sorry, No Refunds or Returns as it's a Personal Product

     KN95 Face Mask: Gold Standard For Everyday Protection

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    The KN95 mask is an approved and suitable equivalent for the N95 face mask according to 3M and the Centres For Disease Control (CDC). Additionally, Health Canada will continue to authorize KN95 medical respirators in Canada through the interim Order pathway. 

    The rounded design and thicker surface enable our KN95 masks to filter fine particles as small as 0.3 microns in size with better efficiency than other masks mad with rectangle designs, which also tend to be thinner and can only filter particles of roughly 10 microns. The coronavirus itself is around 0.1 microns in size and is usually attached to something larger, such ass droplets that are produced by talking and breathing. The multiple layers of non-woven and melt-blown fabrics create a strong barrier that prevents airborne particles (such as the coronavirus from entering through your nose and mouth. The flexible design allows for optimal comfort and substantial breathing area, allowing for more airflow circulation, especially if you are required to wear a mask for longer periods of time. A flexible nose bridge piece and adjustable ear loops and contoured comfortable fit for the wearer. 

Performance and Applications:

COPPER masks are designed to protect all day, every day and continues to self-sanitize while you are wearing and while you are not. 


  •  Because of the self-sanitizing characteristics of our copper mask, you only need to wash when you feel your social distancing has been challenged or you see visible soiling. 
  • The mask should be washed in warm water by hand in hot water rinsed side to side and hung to dry. No detergent is required as this will destroy the copper built inside the face mask.  


Never touch your face or your mask surface.  Before donning your mask WASH your hands.  Before removing your mask WASH your hands.  Remove from the ear loops only avoiding the fabric surface of the mask as germs may be on the surface and transfer to your hands (clean mask as recommended below and preferably lay flat to dry). Wash your hands immediately after removing and continue social distancing.  “I protect you.  You protect me.”

One Size Fits MOST with adjustable Sam Chi Copper Infused Face Masks with loops made from super soft stretch material. If adjustment is needed,  simply slide cord through the loop channel, finding the attachment, cutting to your preferred length and sliding back into the channel.