Happy CranioSacral Therapy Clients... Fort McMurray, Alberta and Ontario

​"I had an eye twitch for many months continuing to get worse, I decided to have a CranioSacral treatment as nothing else worked for me and in one session it disappeared after twelve hours!  Thank you Sam".  

Alexandra D

​"I've had so much shoulder pain lately. I came in to see Samantha for a CranioSacral Treatment and felt a 'weight' lifted off my shoulders after 1 treatment".   

 Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa.  

​"September 2017, After having Sciatica attacks and unable to walk very far and low back hip pain, and memory loss issues after 8 treatments, My sacrum felt like it ' opened up' and was able to walk without pain and limping". 

 Geoff T.

LED Red | Near Infrared (NIR) Therapy Clients Kamloops, BC

The end of March I had a bike accident and fractured a bone in my left arm. I have experienced LED therapy with Sam previously, so was quick to turn to her in healing my arm. By the time of my follow up appointment with my doctor 4 weeks later, I already had close to a full range of motion and was functioning well without an arm sling.

 I certainly attribute LED therapy to the speed at which I regained healing and mobility in my arm.

Mary J.

 I tried red-light therapy with Sam for the first time and it was a very good experience. Sam is professional and her space is always clean and comfortable. As a young adult with chronic illness, this service was very helpful. It helped with pain reduction as well as energy levels. I would definitely recommend red-light therapy with Sam.

​Fauve G.

 ​​I returned from a holiday with an injured back and quite exhausted from pushing myself the last few days and enduring a long flight home. After a week of ice and heat and sleep I was still in quite a bit of discomfort and had no energy or motivation.  Following 5 sessions or red light therapy with  Sam, I noticed a significant improvement in both my pain level and my energy.  I am very grateful for having access to this gentle and non invasive therapy.

Mary J.

​It's my 5th session....It's very calming, relaxing and grounding! Highly recommended.

Val M

Happy Massage Therapy Clients... Fort McMurray, Alberta

 ​"Sam addressed my problem areas and I left feeling so relaxed and out of pain. I’d recommend Samantha to anyone who has a specific area that’s hurting. Loved my massage".  

 Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa

​"I always enjoy going to see Samantha Weyers for a deep tissue massage. I feel like a brand new person every time. Thank you Samantha. 10/10 would recommend".      Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa

​'You know it’s a good massage when you fall asleep!"    

 Claire B

​"Amazing. Love Samantha , I feel so relaxed and at ease during and after my massage".   Gloria F.

 "This visit was probably my best massage from Samantha I’ve had there. I’ve been going there for a few years and this by far was the most relief I’ve felt".  Destiny

 "Always a great experience!"


Happy Copper Face Mask Reviews

​Unisex Adult and Child Copper-Infused built-in filter, KN95/ N95 reusable 50x, washable, 4-layers protection


5 out of 5 stars

 My kids wear these masks and have said how comfortable they are. Excellent communication with vendor!

Professional High Quality KN95 4-Layer Copper-Infused N95 Carbon Filter, Adjustable Ear Loops, Washable Face Mask for everyday use.


5 out of 5 stars