1 Jar of Organic Chaga - The Medicinal Mushroom Tea

1 Jar of Organic Chaga - The Medicinal Mushroom Tea

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Chaga The Medicinal Mushroom Tea

Organic Chaga Tea is available for Purchase at Vass Wellness Centre in Kamloops, BC or Online. 

1- 2oz Jar - $15.00

2 - 2oz Jars -$20.00

3 - 2 oz Jars -$25.00

Approved by the U.S.F.D.A and Health Canada 

Chaga is safe for "Food" Use / Supplement

Health Benefits:

  • Immune Support Essentials 
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Available in Multiple Formats
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • Lowers Blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system 
  • Lowers blood sugar levels 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Relieves pain 
  • Purifies the blood and the liver
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Helps combat tiredness
  • Supports heart health
  • Improves the health of skin, liver, and stomach
  • High in antioxidants 


  •  Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom (fine) chunks

 Chaga Tea Recipe | How to Make Tea 

  • 4 tablespoons of Chaga tea
  • 1 Litre of water
  • Simmer on medium to medium - low heat for 3 to 5 hours.
  • Do Not Boil. Beta glucans are diminished by high heat
  • Steep at 80 Celsius /176 Fahrenheit for best results. 

How To Make Chaga Tea in a Slow Cooker

  • Add 3 to 5 mushroom chunks or 3.5g of chaga chunks
  • 1 Litre of water
  • Slow cook on low or warm for up to 12 hours

Optionally, the slow cooker can be kept on warm or low for days adding more fresh water as needed. 

Monitor your results, as slow cooker temperatures and their settings may vary with different models. 

To keep Chaga tea from reaching a boil keep the lid of your slow cooker slightly askew. this will allow some heat to escape will help to avoid reaching higher temperatures above 80 Celsius.

Chaga Mushroom Tea Brewing Tips

  • Chaga can be kept inside a tea ball or muslin for convenience and re-use.
  • Serve hot or let cool to room temperature then refrigerate for up to 14 days. 
  • Chaga Tea can be enjoyed and an iced tea or reheated on the stove top.
  • Store used chaga in the freezer and reuse 3 to 5 times or until exhausted (water runs clear). 
  • Used ground chaga can be incorporated into smoothies, sauces or stews.
  • Used chaga chunks can be ground using a coffee grinder and makes a nice addition to your garden compost.


How to Store Chaga Tea

Chaga Tea can go bad, so refrigerating tea and keep your chaga fresher longer.

Dried Chaga should be kept in its original package or stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.

Store used or 'wet' chaga tea in the freezer using freezer bags or freezer container. 

No need to dry wet chaga tea in between brews.  

Brewed chaga tea can be frozen and stored long term in the freezer and reused in your next back with fresh chaga

How long does Chaga Tea last? 

Brewed chaga tea can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 

Enjoy hot or cold.